Lockdown limited special offer

Lockdown limited special offer


More time together, more crafts together, more baking together and more memories togethe… So why not keep those special memories in a safe place which you can look back on? Introducing the “lockdown memory book”!

For a limited period we will be offering a smaller size book, up to 40 pages, where you can store your collection of art, photos, letters and quirky stories from our lockdown period. This book can be a great addition to your Bumble Box coffee table book collection or the start of your documenting journey!

Please note we will be collecting art directly from you via a courier, so no need to wait for a box to arrive! All photos can be emailed to us or sent via Dropbox or WeTransfer. You will receive a lockdown prompt sheet that you can choose to use or leave out. Anything goes!


*40 pages will be up to 45 items in total.

** all items will be returned with your completed book